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The perfect treat for your loved ones ❤️


Our Valentine's Day Box contains:

  • A Rhubarb and Custard Tartlet /  filled with housemade rhubarb ginger compote, vanilla creme diplomat, diced rhubard soaked in an orange syrup and garnished with fresh mint
  • A Blood Orange Chocolate Cheesecake / shortbread biscuit topped with dark chocolate cheesecake cream, blood orange curd and decorated with a tempered dark chocolate heart
  • A Dark Chocolate and Red Fruit Gateau / a layered cake with a pressed chocolate sablé,  red fruit confit, Kirsch sponge, red fruit tea and dark chococolate cremeux, topped with vanilla cream, Kirsch cherry and a tempered dark chocolate heart
  • A Caramelised White Chocolate and Passion Fruit Macaron/ filled with a caramelised white chocolate ganache and a passion fruit curd heart
  • A Raspberry Macaron / filled with a raspberry white chocolate ganache and a raspberry coulis centre

Valentine's Day Box

  • Gluten, Nuts, Egg, Dairy, Sulfites

    contains alcohol

    Please note that all our cakes, tarts and savoury products are prepared in a very small kitchen where there is a high chance of contamination with nuts, gluten and all common allergens.

    If you have an allergy or intolerance we strongly advise against purchasing any products from our bakery.

  • Your order will be ready at 11.30am.

    497 Great Western Rd, Glasgow, G12 8HL

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